Electrical engineer for 13 years at the Reynolds wire and cable manufacturing plant in Longview Washington:

  • Designed and installed equipment and process upgrades to improve throughput and reliability.

  • Redesigned the controls for a wire drawing machine which improved production by 270%.

  • Solved an insulated wire, curing tube tension/position problem by redesigning the control electronics and developing a ‘first in the industry’ cable position sensing camera, to maintain proper positioning inside the curing tube.

  • Designed, built and installed an electronic counting logic circuit  to verify the correct number of wires going into a cable assembly. Designed the double sided printed circuit board around the 7400 series logic chips, hand assembled and soldered all the components, then installed and tested the system. This invention prevented the huge  economic loss caused by the requirement to scrap thousands of feet of  finished cable.

  • These three projects added over $200,000 per year to Reynolds bottom line.   

Electrical Engineer/Senior Project Engineer for almost 20 years at the James River/Graphic Packaging plant in Portland, Oregon:

  • Identified production bottlenecks for a 90” wide 1950 FPM extrusion coating line.

  • Designed and installed totally new motor drives and operator controls for that line and increased the extrusion coating line speed to 2500 FPM, for a 32% increase in consistent output. It then became the fastest extrusion coating line in America.

  • Identified the causes of full speed missed unwind roll web transfers on the four main coating lines. Designed new transfer timing logic and totally new pneumatic brake tension control systems, which reduced the number of missed transfers by over 90%. The downtime costs of these lines ranged between $700 and over $900 per hour. Each missed transfer caused an average of 30-45 minutes of downtime.

  • Redesigned the complete drive and control system for their #3 extrusion coating line, including a new operator control cabinet, with operator touch screens. The installation and startup went flawlessly, with absolutely no issues during the first days of operation.

  • When replacing a failed German DC drive motor on a Kampf slitting line, with an American version, a way of increasing production throughput was identified, and the resulting drive and logic changes resulted in a 38% increase.

  • Over the 20 year period, I designed significant changes to virtually every production line in the facility.

  • All the design changes and bottleneck solutions which resulted increases in production or improved machine uptime added almost $1 million dollars per year to their profit statement. 

Plant Engineer for 2 1/2 years for ISO Poly Films in Vancouver, WA:

  • Identified