COHO Engineering - Summary of Experience

COHO Engineering Associated (COHO) is an alliance of two experienced engineers (Mechanical and Electrical) and an Industrial Equipment Designer with over 140 years of combined engineering experience in a wide array of industries from design to management.  The partners have worked on various projects in several industries as a group.   COHO prides itself as a company that carries with it a level of experience that would be very difficult to find elsewhere.

Coho is experienced in a wide array of industries and fields. A partial list of this experience includes:

  •   Pulp and Paper Manufacturing 
  •   Boiler and Steam Generation, Including Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants
  •   Building and Facilities Design, Planning and Environmental Control
  •   Transportation (Train, Truck, Ship) Loading and Unloading
  •   Chemical Processing Plants and Equipment Design
  •   Material Handling Projects (Cement, Limestone, Grain, Coal, Dry Bulk Materials)
  •   Wire and Cable Forming
  •   Semiconductor and Semiconductor Processing
  •   Petroleum Refining, Transportation and Storage
  •   Tin Film Printing Processes
  •   Control Systems and Electrical Process Control
  •   Machine Control Programming (CNC and PC Machine Control)